"Vision 21" guiding The Jonas Centre to 2021 and beyond       

The Jonas Centre has been providing a tranquil and restorative location for individuals, families and groups in Wensleydale for the past 21 years.  Now the Trustees have a vision for ensuring the continuance and development of The Jonas Centre for the next 21 years (and beyond). We are calling this our Vision 21.  Some details of the plans here may be amended or changed but there are four broad areas that we are focusing upon.

Area 1 – Refurbishment of existing accommodation
Our existing twelve cabins are structurally sound, but look and feel dated.  We are therefore seeking to carry out a programme of cabin refurbishment.

Area 2 – Build a new community building
The Granary Barn is a little small for our existing work.  It is located below the scar and means that access is either via 50 uneven steps or a steep hair-pin bend.  The result is that some of our visitors find access to the barn difficult or impossible. Our plan therefore is to build a new community building located on the same level as the nine Elm Wood cabins.  This would greatly improve accessibility.  It also gives us the opportunity to construct a purpose-built structure designed to meet our 21st century needs. 

Area 3 – Build additional cabins
Alongside the new community building we would like to expand the capacity of the site by up to six additional brand new cabins. 

Area 4 – Enhancement across the site
So that we better support our guests, as part of Vision 21 we would like to put in some additional features across the site. We have already created a memorial woodland, a decking area by the Granary Barn, and purchased some bike stands.   The children’s playground would benefit from renewal but we have already purchased a larger games shed.  We would also like to upgrade the Prayer Barn in order to improve accessibility.

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