We are grateful to the following people and organisations who are supporting Vision 21 & The Jonas Centre

 The Rozel Trust The Nias Wheatley Charitable Trust The Catherine Cookson Charitable Trust
 John & Jo Henson Eric & Liz Lauritzen John & Margie Milward
 Rev Vera Sinton The Ven Peter Coombs Bryan & Judith Mason
 Andy & Linda Eaves Rebecca Coombs Rob & Sue Johnson
 Rev Ian Ferguson Tina Glover Hannah Bangura 
 Tom & Judy Walters  The Lowater family George & Melinda Muir 
 The Simon Trust  Allchurches Trust Sir George Martin Trust
 Persimmon Plc  Garfield Weston Foundation Yorkshire Dales Millenium Trust
 The Linrod Fund  The Grant Foundation  The Vardy Foundation