Project Noah - "New Original Affordable Holidays"

The majority of land at The Jonas Centre is under-utilised with a significant acreage being previously let out for grazing purposes. By redeveloping the upper level of the site, The Jonas Centre  believes that it can consolidate its fundamental objectives and support a significantly greater number of those in need, focussing principally on the family unit, whilst retaining a secure and balanced level of income and expenditure to ensure an even greater level of stability in the future.

Attracting a client base from throughout the UK (and on occasions worldwide) we are fundamentally targeting family support organisations and church groups within an 80 mile radius. Typically our customer base is split 70% towards repeat custom and 30% toward new clients and charitable activities.

Over the last ten years we  received over 200 referrals from churches, charities and agencies and have provided around 1200 subsidised holidays to over 2300 adults and 1700 children many of whom have never had a holiday before.

By successfully targeting the multitude of church groups, schools, and support charities, the current 50% occupancy figure can be improved further. In addition a continued marketing campaign will increase our mid-week bookings.  Weekends will continue to remain the premium booking time and the current number of declined bookings, resulting from full occupancy, will be developed by the provision of additional facilities. In order to support our subsidised holiday objective it is imperative that the premium booking times are realised to their maximum potential. Currently based on the 12 log cabins that we have, this booking demand can exceed 90% throughout the summer hence the need to redevelop the site to provide a total of 24 new holiday lodges.

Do get in touch of you are able to support this project, which in its first phase could cost in excess of £1 million.